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Shoulder goes POP!

**Not really a trigger warning … More of a squeamish warning**

Alternative title: My shoulder has this amazingly cool ability to just pop out of it’s socket whenever it damn well pleases … Ok so it’s more of a ‘freaking disgusting’ ability but you know, it’s following it’s dreams or some such crap so I’m trying to be supportive (i.e. physically holding it in place at times) … Ok so it’s not an ability at all, and it probably wouldn’t dream of such a skill (if shoulders could dream obviously), it’s actually something called subluxation … And I’ve been told it’s a rather naff party trick as it makes people a little green and queasy. 

Still it’s something I’ve been able to do since my teens (which are oh so far away now! – Trust me, it’s not entirely a bad thing though I do miss my bright purple flares) and it’s never really given me any grief … Until the other week when all of a sudden I found I could no longer move my arm …  At all. I still have diddly squat idea on just how the heck I managed to do that amount of damage without noticing, you would think there would have been some sort of alarm bells ringing somewhere given the pain levels … But nope. Naff all. Not a vegetarian sausage.

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Diagnosis Ruebi

Alternative title: I am NOT Anxiety, I am NOT Depression … I AM Ruebi. How about instead of assuming that you know the inner workings of my brain with your GCSE Science, you actually ask me how I am?

A Mental Health Diagnosis doesn’t automatically erase the rest of the individual, it becomes an extension of who they are, a part of the whole. The person doesn’t stop experiencing other emotions or other issues / problems / pressures simply because of ‘the label’ they now carry … For example, just because I am sleep deprived or lurgy ridden or quiet does not mean it is “that Depression thing”, just because I am tired or tunnel visioned on a project or slightly tense does not mean I’m having “an Anxiety bitch fit”.

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The Brain Throws a Tantrum

Alternative title: It’s after midnight and I’m still lying on the bathroom floor (this is becoming a theme it seems) … My stomach hurts, the world is spinning and my head is screaming. Painkillers haven’t touched the raging neurons and I’m seriously starting to consider removing the angry mass with a spork and dipping it in ice water. Alas I have no spork, my spork is in my desk drawer at work … Damn it spork.

For five days my brain has alternated between being a monstrous ball of pain and being a playpen for hyperactive gerbils who like to crap everywhere …  And boy do they crap everywhere!

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Let’s talk Hypothyroidism

Alternative title: I didn’t think I’d be writing another one of these after my “Anxiety is not a fad diet” post. But, alas, here we go again …

“I want to be Hypothyroid” I heard the voice mutter as the taps started running.

“Oh aye?” came a second voice accompanied by the tearing of paper towels.

“Definitely! Hypothyroidism makes you lose a ton of weight! And I could do with losing a bit of this I’m carrying around … Honestly this diet just isn’t working for me, been trying to lose these last 4 pounds for yonks but if I was Hypothyroid … ”

Mid-pee I knew something needed to be said … Yes right there, in the office bathroom.

“You’ve mixed up the illnesses” I began, voice echoing from the cubicle “Hypothyroidism can make it difficult to lose weight, Hyperthyroidism can result in weight loss. But I’m not sure why -“.

“- Oh … Right …” She cheerily shrilled before “I guess I’d rather be Hyperthyroid then!”

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