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Anything, everything and nothing

**Not sure if this needs a trigger warning or not but I always like to throw one out here just in case**

Alternative title: I’m sorry I haven’t been here much … I’ve been a little unwell … In fact, I’ve been a rather muddled mess! 

It’s been a while since I last posted on here; I hadn’t forgotten my little place on the internet or the words I have poured into it, I didn’t want to leave it neglected and to disappear into the ether, but I also didn’t feel like I could be here either … Recently my Anxiety, Depression, OCD, OCPD and Grief have all been taking turns to squish my insides, they’ve turned my thoughts into poison, my brain into a traitor and left me distraught at the prospect of another day walking with one or more of those demons clawing at me.

I needed the time out from here to heal up a bit.

I needed the time out from here to focus on what I needed.

I needed the time out from here to ask for help.

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The Little Hairdressers of Horrors

Alternative title: Since when did “just a little trim to tidy it up” become synonymous with “lop off most of my locks and turn me into the love child of Duane Dibbley and Mr. Spock?!” … Don’t get me wrong I’m sure the Vulcan Nerve Pinch technique would come in handy when people won’t stop talking at me and every Northerner needs a decent Thermos but shit me, I seriously look like I’ve had an argument with a pair of blunt gardening shears! 

“What do you think?” The hairdresser beamed, proud of her creation. I imagine Dr. Frankenstein had felt that same spark of delight too when first setting sight upon his monster’s initial inhale.

I uttered a indecipherable noise … Well, actually, it wasn’t that indecipherable … It was a garbled mix of swear words as my brain tried to establish the best way to rank them in order of significance given the situation.

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Homemade Granola

Alternative title: I fear I now have an addiction to Granola…


During our stay in Ålesund I probably consumed my body weight in nut-free Granola and complimentary waffles, I nearly cried over the cereal section on our last breakfast there…I know, odd reaction really, but in my hometown I can’t find nut-free Granola for love nor money and I am one of the poor unfortunate souls who end up screaming “I don’t want nuts!” in the aisle of the local supermarket.

It’s not that I oppose nutty cereals or anything (you’re already aware of my love of Almonds…Especially in butter form) but I find some of them to be quite overpowering. I actually want to taste the oats, otherwise I’d just buy a bag of hazelnuts or cashews and add milk to that.

Actually I probably wouldn’t as I’m still adapting to my new found affection for almonds and this change in taste doesn’t seem to have extended to other nuts yet…(Ok folks, admit it, how many of you giggled at that statement?).

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Tomato, Chickpea and Lentil Soup

Alternative title: I’ve been saying “jolly good” far too much recently…I blame Malcolm Reed…Yes I am a Trekkie. I regret nothing!


“What else have we seen this guy in?” my brain mutters.

Desmond’s” I whisper back and reach for a strawberry “it was that show about the barbers shop in Peckham“.

“A barbers shop?…In Peckham?”

“Yeah…Was quite a good series from what I recall” I bob another strawberry in my mouth.

“How do you even remember that?”

“He was the stylist with the very tight trousers…” I find myself frowning at the now empty punnet.

My brain, however, is lost for words – for a change!

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