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The Circus of Horrors

**Spoilers Warning folks … Kinda has to be done right?!** 

Alternative title: Despite my Anxious disposition I have a strange affinity for the macabre, the spooky and the downright shit your pants terrifying (remember my Farmageddon Experience?) … So when CarnEvil rolled into town I was ready to sell my left boob and maybe a little toe for a gawp at the horrors that awaited within the Mechanics Theatre! (As it turns out, M bought surprise tickets … *phew*).

While most people would be slightly horrified by the sight of a gentleman tying (rather heavy looking) objects to his tallywacker and gyrating, I found myself laughing hysterically while the old dear next to me grabbed my arm and shrieked “oooo my Lord!”.

Yes ladies and gents, it was one of those evenings.

Hannibal Hellmurtos captivated me the moment he swallowed the first sword (well actually it was the tattoos, piercings and split tongue that initially caught my attention but the less said about that weird moment of “how-utterly-cool-does-he-look?!” the better) … The fact he went on to swallow a CURVED sword and a lit neon tube containing Mercury (incidentally this trick has gone wrong before when he tore his oesophagus- have a read here if you’re curious) just solidified my admiration of him.

This admiration extended to the Aerialists who were as beguiling as they were beautiful, effortlessly moving into positions that left the audience breathless (myself included). The drops in the Aerial Silks had me scrambling to pick my jaw up from the floor as M whispered “don’t you dare try that one in your next class” from beside me … He said a similar thing when Anastasia IV was hanging by her hair, the fireworks attached to her hips exploding as she span, her place on my “girl crush list” now permanent (in the top 3 between Sue Perkins and Tilda Swinton for the nosy ones out there).

Add to this the Contortionist, the self proclaimed love child of Nosferatu and Kenneth Williams, the crazed narrator (Dr. Haze), the Unholy Trinity, the amount of fire that was eaten, the Burlesque and the rock and roll music and I was in my own version of heaven.

Yes I know how peculiar that sounds but you are reading the whitterings of a lass with a major obsession with horror movies/books, scare parks, Halloween and The League of Gentlemen … I also live in Pendle Witch Country – enough said really isn’t it?



So much love for this group of performers!


I should point out that this show isn’t for the lighthearted … There’s a lot of swearing, nudity, sexual content, blasphemy, gore, violence and clowns. Yes, clowns. There are always bloody clowns … They can’t be the happy type that squeeze their backsides into little cars while chucking cream (though here oop Norf it’d likely be custard) pies at people, oh no, they have to be the monstrous murderous variety that leap across the rows of onlookers while laughing maniacally. Clowns *cringe*

Which begs the question … Where do I sign up?! Have no idea what skills I’d use beyond the foot lock in Aerial Silks and eating my body weight in custard creams but you know, transferable skills and all that lark!

R x


The Incredible Hulk


Rise of the Pole Dancer


  1. That’s my nightmares for tonight sorted 😉

  2. I’ve seen the Circus of Horrors 4 times and am seeing this year’s version in 2 weeks. I can’t wait. Never laughed so much in my life & the acts are really to be seen to be believed!

    • Ruebi

      They really do! It was my first time seeing them and have vowed to go back next year, they are absolutely amazing … And I hurt so badly from laughing so much. It was so much fun! Can’t wait to see them again 😀 x

  3. Well that does sound quite an evening – I think I’d be equally enthralled and appalled in a wondering how on earth and why they did that. I have the sort of face that shows my emotions too so it’s probably best I stayed away, despite my intrigue. Useful to hear about it though – thanks for linking up to #pocolo x

    • Ruebi

      My face shows exactly how I’m feeling too … Causes M to laugh at me as half the time I don’t realise I’m pulling a face! It was such an amazing thing to see as I was completely baffled and in awe all at the same time! Spent the majority of the show saying “I want to be able to do that” without really knowing why as I’d be terrible at it, lol! x

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