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The Holly and the Ivy

Alternative title: In which I challenge Danny Smith to a gravy wrestling match … As you do. Though if he’s not available I’m willing to accept Tom Hiddleston as a suitable substitute! 

I’m currently dosed up on Lemsip, surrounded by a lovely mixture of snotty tissues and folded up pieces of sellotape (I’m attempting to wrap presents without sneezing on them, after all, nobody wants a lovely flu riddled jumper for the festive season do they) … I’m also wailing along to “The City Drive* – Defeated” in a decidedly croaky voice while totally convinced that I have the voice of an angel and will waltz my way to the next X-Factor final and beyond!

Isn’t that right Simon? Whaddya mean no? Cheryl?! Ooook, is that a maybe? … Right, who are the other two on there now? …

I can not be the only person who heard of this band after spending days re-watching “Big Wolf on Campus” in a fit of nostalgia and mooning over the fact that Merton Dingle still has the most awesome lair ever created.

I should point out that this marathon of shows from the 80’s / 90’s came about after quite a number of days and nights spent wide awake hyped up on caffeine and throwing my soul (and an awful lot of tears) into a thesis on a connection pathway associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

The fact still remains though that I wanted a lair …

Damn you Merton J Dingle … And damn you Danny Smith for not only being a talented actor but being a flipping talented singer / musician too … Especially as my acting talent probably goes as far as being drunk on gin (Hendricks please!) and acting out Hamlet to a rubber duck while in the bath (in a pair of girl boxers and slippers mind – got to maintain some dignity) and my singing, well, we all know about my singing. So Mr Smith, I hereby challenge thee to a gravy wrestling match (seen as Lancashire proudly hosts such events) to prove I’m actually not half bad at something.

Though in fairness, he’d probably kick my ass and I don’t fancy having Bisto up the nose.

What was my point? … Oh yeah, what I was going to say was that I’m majorly excited that The City Drive are doing a reunion tour! I know right, you’re all as thrilled as me aren’t you? (Or asking who the hell I’m even talking about). Sadly I lost my City Drive album during a break-up a few years ago *sigh* so can someone remind me that I need to re-order a new one in January (as I’m on a “don’t buy yourself ANYTHING” order from just about everyone … Hopefully this doesn’t extend to Tampons, coffee and beanie hats otherwise I’ll be one very grumpy Ruebi! (Pretty much like this time last year – *squiggly lines as we go back in time*).


Coffee in York

Ah coffee, how do I love thee! … (This is from my recent adventures in York which you can find here on my Instagram).


So folks – is there a band or TV series that causes a severe case of nostalgia for you? And how many of you are on a “don’t buy anything” order leading up to Christmas?

R x

PS – Band wise it’s usually Placebo for me … Though if I start talking about Brian Molko I’ll end up going all fan-girl and nobody wants to see that! Right? RIGHT?!

TV series – gotta be “Button Moon” (showing my age there a bit! … ). Please tell me some of you remember “Button Moon”? My folks have a tendency to sing the theme song for it even now! Sigh … Memory lane!


**EDIT – As some of you are aware I love Cumbria, it is a beautiful awe-inspiring part of the UK and somewhere that totally has my heart. Recently it’s been struck by severe flooding due to Storm Desmond and while appealing for aid isn’t something I would normally do on here I feel I should at least share this link to the Cumbria Flood Appeal … If there is anyway in which you can help, please do!**


Bird of Paradise


O Christmas Tree


  1. “Of coffee and snot”… it don’t get much better than that … and, and…I now have the tune to button moon stuck in my head for the forseeable…bonus 😉

    Great post, as always Roo…I hope you feel better soon x

    • Ruebi

      Wahey to the Button Moon tune! I so loved that show when I was younger 🙂

      “Of coffee and snot” – that should totally be the title to my memoir (you know, if I ever wrote such a thing) x

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