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The Little Hairdressers of Horrors

Alternative title: Since when did “just a little trim to tidy it up” become synonymous with “lop off most of my locks and turn me into the love child of Duane Dibbley and Mr. Spock?!” … Don’t get me wrong I’m sure the Vulcan Nerve Pinch technique would come in handy when people won’t stop talking at me and every Northerner needs a decent Thermos but shit me, I seriously look like I’ve had an argument with a pair of blunt gardening shears! 

“What do you think?” The hairdresser beamed, proud of her creation. I imagine Dr. Frankenstein had felt that same spark of delight too when first setting sight upon his monster’s initial inhale.

I uttered a indecipherable noise … Well, actually, it wasn’t that indecipherable … It was a garbled mix of swear words as my brain tried to establish the best way to rank them in order of significance given the situation.

I’m sure at some point in our lives we will all fall prey to a scissor happy hairdresser and all those dreams of leaving the salon looking like Kim-K with your best “I’m sexy and I know it” swagger on just goes right down the shitter as you sprint home and tear rooms apart searching for the biggest beanie you own.

I am probably the only person in Lancashire hoping that it stays as cold as a witch’s tit just so I can hide the monstrosity under any number of hats, scarves and hoods … It is just until it grows out a bit mind, hotter weather means more excuses for ice-cream and I am all about the mint choc chip!

As it happens I have had various compliments ranging from the nice “ooo how very chic!” to the level headed “I quite like it, and it will grow out if you’re not a fan” to the downright weird “you know you could probably be the object of Vulcan fetishists with that do! You find all sorts of folks online after all” (clearly that was chucked into conversation just in case I decide to quit my job and don a Star Trek uniform … I’m thinking the blue one from Enterprise would best compliment my complexion but hey ho).

I have also had a few … Less nice comments, my favourite being “well you can’t hide that mug now can you”. Well, no, I couldn’t hide my mug before and regardless of whether it looks like a bag of spanners or whether it has the chops of a goddess, my hair do is hardly going to transform it one way or the other.

Anyway … My mindset at the moment is just to own it. Short of me shaving my head (I probably take after my dad which means one very bobbly noggin!) there’s nothing I can really do to fix it (can I just say right here – Take that Anxiety and Depression! I may look like a tool but I am totally owning it … Erm, yeah).



Pretty sure that gingerbread dude was stifling a giggle at my new do. Git! (If you want to catch up with my adventures away from here, and away from the hairdressers, you can also follow me on Insta).


So lovelies … How many of you have had the pleasure of meeting a scissor happy hairdresser while gracing their salon chair? Did you tell them that the do was pants or did you go very British and say “oh it’s beautiful!” through gritted teeth?

R x

** EDIT – Today I drove to work to the news of the attacks in Brussels … Words cannot express the horror and sheer devastation of merely listening to it unfold, let alone what those affected experienced. I love Belgium, it holds a special place in my heart. We’re with you Belgium, stay strong!  ** 


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  1. I have so many times when I want about an inch off of my hair only to have SO MUCH of it being cut off. I actually just smile but when I go home I cry!

    • Ruebi

      I very nearly did that but had to go shopping straight after (well, after a quick trip home for my beanie hat!) … I was so embarrassed by it though! Couldn’t believe she cut so much off after I stated “I’m trying to grow it” but there wasn’t anything I could do about it after she’d snipped it. I’ve seen the funny side of it since which has helped me own the style rather than hide from it.

  2. Oh no! If it makes you feel any better, I had a similar experience 10 years ago. Luckily it was a bad dye job, not a cut, so I just dyed it a different colour and it was fixable, but I had asked for blonde highlights and ended up with hair that was greenish grey. I wore a headscarf for 3 days until I managed to get it put right! Just another one of life’s rich tapestry of experiences. #PoCoLo

    • Ruebi

      Oh my word! Bet that was a definite shock to the system! Did it go fully blonde the next time? (Hope they fixed it for free). I bet you rocked the headscarves though – I usually wear them when I have curlers in. Strangely prefer that look to the curly hair!

  3. YES to this. I never, ever have the guts to complain at the hairdresser (I don’t really see the point when it’s a cut: they can’t stick it back, can they?) and I do think the best thing is to ‘own’ it. I am sure you are carrying it off with panache and that actually it looks ace! #pocolo

    • Ruebi

      Hehehe … Had an image in my head of a hairdresser desperately trying to glue the hair back on! I do think that once it’s cut there isn’t any awful lot left to do but wait for it to grow back … I won’t be going back there though which is a shame as it was my regular hairdressers, just with new staff. Oh well! I did Insta a selfie of me ‘owning’ the style too as a “so I’m not going to hide it under a beanie anymore” thing.

  4. I think you have to totally own it and wait for it to grow a bit! I’ve sat in a hairdressers before when I’ve actually sat and held onto the longer bit I have on one side as the scissors were just getting closer and closer. In the end we came to an agreement but needless to say it was the last time i went there! Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo and yes, the events in Brussels are just awful x

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