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The Lotus Pose

Alternative title : I achieved my life goal of becoming a pretzel and now I can retire to live by the sea and eat sand or some other shit that happens when life-goals are conquered … Wait, is eating sand part of a balanced diet now? Which food group would it even be in? Argh! 

Brain : “Stop! Where are you trying to put that foot?!”

Me : “Over by my thigh … ”

Brain : “Over by your … What? Why?!”

Me : “I’m trying to go full Lotus here!”

Brain : ” … What the heck is wrong with you?”

Me : “There. See! We managed it! We managed full Lotus! Aren’t you excited? This is awesome!”

Brain : “If I had a mouth I would have been sick into it … How has the knee not popped or … Actually it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to know. Don’t come crying to me if you’re now stuck you absolute tool”

Ever since I started Yoga all those many moons ago, I wanted to master Padmasana (Lotus Pose) … I saw it as a representation of growth, of challenge, of achievement and of spiritual change. After all, a lotus flower is rooted in mud, works it’s way through murky water and blooms beautifully on the surface.

Sitting there in Hatha class having completed the Lotus pose twice (obviously as we have to switch legs over) I have to admit I was quite (VERY) overwhelmed. My body was sat in a pose which I once thought impossible to achieve … And was comfortable in it! It was strong, it was grounded. I may have shed an “I’m so proud” tear, or two … Oh who am I kidding, I blubbed!

It was a moment that showed what trusting my body (and in turn, my body trusting me) can do.

I’ve learned that becoming frustrated and trying to forcibly manipulate the body into poses is not only potentially dangerous but can create a level of distrust that can cloud the next time you try the same pose. The body instinctively tries to protect itself from harm so when faced with something that caused it pain previously it will cease up, making the movements difficult.

It’s all about patience and treating yourself with kindness.

A lesson I am trying to take away from the Yoga mat.

Recently it’s not been a lesson I have heeded particularly well, I have found myself angry and annoyed with the mental and physical pain that having Mental Health issues and Migraines brings. So over the weekend I re-evaluated that; a couple of long walks in the countryside, spent time with loved ones (including puppy cuddles!), a bit of yoga, plenty of sleep and yummy (nutritious) foods means that I started to re-establish a positive relationship with my body.

Yoga … It’s like a relationship counsellor for the body!



How amazing are my toe socks?! Being Hypothyroid my feet get really cold but I need my toes on the mat for more control … These feel like a great compromise! Check out my Insta for my adventures away from the blog … Like the time I did Yoga under a disco ball! I know right? Totally rock n roll!


My new Kryptonite however is the headstand … I should point out that by the time you read this I will be at J’s Ashtanga class; big girl pants and industrial sports bra at the ready, it’s headstand night! So send strong positive Yogi vibes folks, I may need them!

I bet you’re all totally curious as to whether I’ll manage to defeat the scary headstands or whether I’ll crash butt first on the mat after kneeing myself in the face … Chances are I’ll have a Tampon up each nostril after class but I’ll keep you updated!

R x


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  1. As a complete yoga lover this was just brilliant to read, genuinely. I love your entire writing style, I feel like your writing to a friend. Already in love with your blog 🙂

    Katie // Words by Katie

  2. Those socks are awesome!!!!

    • Ruebi

      I freaking love those socks! 🙂 (I think I have a thing about toe socks).

  3. Well done. You sound in a really good place despite the challenges that you face. I tried Yoga for a while and loved it but wasn’t able to do it for long enough to develop skills or strength and now I don’t think my hips and pelvis would cope. I hope the headstand was ok. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare and I’m sorry my comment is so late

    • Ruebi

      It’s only recently that I’ve noticed improvements … I’m not sure if it’s the practice paying off or that I’m actually paying more attention to myself. Whichever it is, it’s amazing to see the difference. Even if it’s just that I can stretch a little further! Yoga isn’t for everyone, I hope you have found something that does work for you though x

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