Alternative title: #LHB_Juice_January Day 14 … Apple, Red Bell Pepper, Celery, Spinach, Pear and Almond Milk  Juice.

Ok folks, it’s day 14 of #LHB_Juice_January and we’re kicking the day off with “The Rebellious One” Juice … As some of you are aware from my Tuesday I post I recently tried out Aerial Hoop! I also hurt for about 4 days afterwards … Anyway, tonight I’m off to Aerial Silks class and wondering just how many times I’ll end up dangling upside down by my ankles.

Oh come on, like you weren’t all thinking the same thing (I’m the lass who managed to smash her own nose with her knee in a Yoga class remember?).

Why Celery for this juice you ask? Well…

Celery is a great source of Vitamins (particularly B2 – Riboflavin, B6, B9 – Folate and K), Minerals (particularly Potassium, Sodium and Calcium) and Polyphenols (Yep, Antioxidants) which help reduce inflammation.  

I’m prone to eating celery with a bit of soft cheese … Yum! Anyone ever tried it with soft cheese and paprika?

Ingredients (Makes 1): 

1 Apple (cored and de-seeded)

1 Pear (cored and de-seeded)

1 stick of Celery

1/2 Red Bell Pepper (cored and de-seeded) 


The Rebellious One


Just slice it all up then bob in the juicer (for this one I’m using a Nutribullet so I also added 200ml unsweetened Almond Milk)!


The Rebellious One Juice

The Rebellious One



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R x