Alternative title: Being turned down for a second job interview because I am 10 years younger than the supervisor is utter turd…so turd in fact that I can still smell the stench of bull-poop emanating from the phone call…They could have given a more concrete reason, like having a severe dislike of my face (which may or may not look like a bag of spanners). 


“It’s nothing personal” the Recruiter said “the HR Manager loved you at the first interview, she thought you were very knowledgeable and professional…but we need to cancel the second interview….your age is a problem. The direct supervisor wants someone in her forties who she can relate to, you’re just too young…though you should be flattered by that”.

My response was one of utter shock: “Flattered? By what? By losing out on an interview because I wasn’t born 10 years earlier?”

Recruiter: “The supervisor feels she needs someone she can relate to, that’s all”

Me: “And that can’t be someone younger than 40?”

Recruiter: “She feels that is the case yes”

Me: “…right…”

Recruiter: “She just feels that someone in their forties would be better equipped for the job and be more personable…someone she can get along with”

Me: “…it’s a junior role…”

Recruiter: “She’s employed younger people before and they just haven’t worked out…they just don’t click with her”

Me: “…”

Recruiter: “But the HR Manager liked you…so that’s something isn’t it?”

Me: “Actually, that isn’t any consolation, and this is why – I’m not being refused an interview because I am unprofessional, or for the fact I was migraine ridden on the day of the first interview, or for not being experienced enough, or for being under-qualified…I am being refused an interview based on a preconception the supervisor has because I am not yet 40”

Recruiter: “Well…you have to be able to relate to people you work with”

Me: “To an extent yes it is important to get along with your colleagues, particularly so if you’re working in a small team…but how does she know she wouldn’t be able to work with me when she hasn’t met me? She’s never even spoken to me, she’s just judged my personality based solely on my age”

Recruiter: “Well I gue-”

Me: “My age does not dictate how professional I am, nor how approachable I am as a person”

Recruiter: “Maybe not…but -”

Me: “Did you know this was a stipulation before you sent me for the first interview?”

Recruiter: “They did say those who were older were more favourable candidates yes”

Me: “…”

Recruiter: “Actually my notes say it was essential criteria, how funny!”

Me: “Essential criteria?”

Recruiter: “I must have missed that one!”

Me: “I erm…I don’t think you can have ‘must be over 40’ as essential criteria”

Recruiter: “Of course you can”

Me: “…”

Recruiter: “If it doesn’t work out with the person they pick I can always put you forward for it again”

Me: *smashes face off wall*


Now I know how Q felt when he first met Bond at the National Gallery – I’d be well annoyed if someone assumed I’d screw up national security just because I still had acne and hadn’t brushed my hair that morning…that said, I wouldn’t connect a rogue computer to the network but that’s by the by.


Ben Whishaw Q

“Gettin’ real sick of your shit Bond”…(source)

This whole thing probably isn’t anything to do with age, it’s more likely to be that the supervisor feels insecure and will spew out reasons not to take on someone new just in case they tip her out of a window to steal her office. I wouldn’t do that…mostly because I saw her office and it’s yellow! Yellow! Well, a sort of green-yellow colour combination. I’m going to assume they ran out of budget for the building when that paint was selected, it was disgusting, even Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen would have a fit!

At least I hope it was a budget thing.

Maybe the supervisor picked it herself…and that’s the real reason I wasn’t selected for second interview. There is the possibility that she was observing candidates Big Brother style to see how they reacted to the paint job and my reaction of “oh this is her offi-holy hell who vomitted on the walls?!” made her wrinkle her nose at how disrespectful youth (read as: ‘youf’) are now-a-days.

In conclusion, it may not have been about my age at all, it may have been due to my dislike of the colour of bile.

R x