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The Yoga Bag Dilemma

Alternative title: The last time I tried to sew anything using a machine I nearly ended up with a trip to A&E with my fingers stitched together…I’m not a fricking Stepford Wife! I can just about remember to change my undercrackers on a daily basis, being creative and arty-crafty is just not my forte..So why oh why did I decide not to just buy a sodding yoga bag from ebay (cheap as bloody chips!)? 


During my last sweaty session at yoga I noticed that my mat’s bag was looking worse for wear (read as: the backside had fallen out of it and my poor mat landed in a muddy puddle en route back to my car…Damn you Lancashire with your totally rubbish weather!). So I faced a dilemma, do I just throw £3 at the internet and hope the bag it throws back isn’t a sack of turd, or do I create my own sack of turd bag and hope beyond hope that I don’t manage to put a needle through my finger – you can see where this is going can’t you? Yes I’m that much of a moron that I opted to make my own bag.

It started with a trip to the local fabric shop…I have to be honest, I’ve never experienced a place like it. It was, well…

Fabric place2

This is how I imagine future horror movies to begin, with zombies creeping around behind the units groaning about paisley being back in fashion or something equally as frightening.

I was supposed to be there 30 minutes at the most…Over an hour later and I was still traipsing around in this newly discovered world as Hozier played over the radio on (what felt like) repeat. I wondered if I’d managed to open the door to the Twilight Zone with how peculiar the place was (as an aside, does anyone remember the Twiglet Zone adverts?).

fabric place1

I suspect the building used to be a church of some sort (and we all know how I feel about being in a church…Except when with the Ninth Doctor…Obviously!).

I was saved from the vinyl aisle by mountain rescue after staff reported hearing a gentle blubbing emanating from behind a roll of lime green faux leather…I was found clutching a roll of fabric for comfort and waffling on about how I wanted a tuna-mayo panini with extra cheese, said fabric would later find itself re-homed, the panini however wouldn’t (I ended up scoffing a bowl of porridge with honey instead).

lovely pattern

It has butterflies! BUTTERFLIES! … *ahem* which is, kinda alright I suppose.

Armed with fabric, a zip and a sewing machine (thanks mum!) I set to work; measuring, cutting and stitching (the fabric, not my fingers, though I had a couple of near misses because I’m such a dozy sod)…That is, until I broke the needle and had to wait three days for replacement ones to arrive. Cue a lot of sighing and huffing and making of tea until the postman delivered the parcel.

Sewing attempt (without breaking anymore needles) take two began. The result…

finished bag

It’s not the sexiest bag in the world but – the yoga mat fits inside it, the zip works, it has a strap and it has fricking butterflies!

I may already be planning a second trip to the fabric shop…I just need a couple of weeks to get a mountaineering rucksack prepped full of energy bars and cans of cider…And probably a tent.

So folks, what arty-crafty things are you working on at the moment? Let’s see your work!

R x


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  1. Looks great – and good luck venturing into the abyss again 🙂

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