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The Yogi

Alternative title: #LHB_Juice_January Day 16 … Carrot, Pear, Ginger, Cucumber and Oat Milk  Juice.

Ok folks, it’s day 16 of #LHB_Juice_January and we’re kicking the day off with “The Yogi” Juice  … I suppose one of my main challenges for 2016 was to take Yoga more seriously. To push myself out of my comfort zone and spend more time with my Intermediate Instructor (she’s lovely but I spend a lot of time going “how the heck did she get her foot THERE?!”), to try the asanas which frightened the poop out of me (there are a lot of them) and to actually practice at home (which means actually bringing my mat in from the car). Yay Yoga!

Why Cucumber for this juice you ask? Well…

Cucumbers are high in Vitamins B5-Pantothenic Acid and K, Minerals (particularly Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus and Potassium) plus they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Fun fact: 95% of a cucumber is water.

Ingredients (Makes 1): 

1/3 Cucumber

1 Pear (cored and de-seeded)

2 Carrots (peeled)

Thumb sized piece of Ginger (peeled)


The Yogi Ingredients


Just slice it all up then bob in the juicer (for this one I’m using a Nutribullet so I also added 200ml Oat Milk)!


The Yogi

The Yogi



If you want to join in with my Juice January challenge (I would love it if you did!), simply post an image of your juice to Twitter / Instagram with the #LHB_Juice_January hashtag!

Alternatively, if you just want to keep up with my attempt you can find me on my Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

R x


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  1. I’m into making smoothies like banana,raspberry and yoghurt, but I haven’t ventured into the territory of veggies in juice. Not sure whether I would like or not #weekendblogshare

    • Ruebi

      Veggies can be a bit of an acquired taste … I tried the sweeter ones out first like carrots and beetroot. It’s the greens I have more issues with but have to say, once you’ve mixed spinach or cucumber in you can’t really taste them. Thinking of trying a Green Week for the last week of the challenge so we’ll see if I’m brave enough x

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