Alternative title: I’m pretty sure that a small number of the GP’s in this country got their medical degrees from Christmas crackers…


As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, my migraines have been kicking my ass…Well, technically they have been kicking my brain…against my skull…multiple times a bloody month! That combined with fatigue so strong that I could fall asleep in a Spinning Class was causing me concern. So I nipped to see my GP. Their diagnosis was that the fatigue I was experiencing was causing a surge in the regularity of the migraines and that the cause of the fatigue was…Well…Nothing in particular.

Apparently people just get tired.

Advice as bloody useful as a chocolate freaking fireguard in the middle of Winter!

Once I had collected my rather shocked jaw from the floor I requested further investigation into the fatigue and was offered a blood test. A blood test that wouldn’t be focused on my Thyroid as knowing my Hypothyroid status throws up a red flag when I complain of tiredness I went to this appointment prepared, I’d had my TSH levels checked a week before and had been very surprised to get a satisfactory result – I had been positive that this was the cause as it had been my primary symptom when I was initially checked for Hypothyroidism.

“I think you owe me an apology” my thyroid gloated as we left the Doctor’s office.

“So it wasn’t you this time? What do you want? A bloody medal? A Blue Peter badge maybe?” my brain fussed.

“Oh go misfire some neurons!” my thyroid shot back.

“Why you little-”

“Guys seriously, you’re giving me a headache!” I whinge.

“What do you mean? I feel fine…” my brain uttered, confused.

What do you want? A bloody medal? A Blue Peter badge maybe?” my thyroid mocked.

“I’m gonna kick you right in your…Whatever I can kick you in!” my brain is very quick to anger.

“GUYS!” Honestly, my body is falling apart and I’m not even thirty…YET!


Blue Peter

Dear Blue Peter Producers, Please could you produce a lovely badge for my Thyroid for not being an evil little shit for a change?…You can make it out of bog roll and glitter if it makes life easier. Thank you in advance, R x


I’m now left with a predicament, you see I can’t take time off work at the moment…It’s holiday season so my colleagues – we can’t clash you see – are spending about as much time in the office as the cleaner does (so many freaking dust-bunnies), I already have to take a couple of hours for an early smear test (oh aye, look out for that blog post folks! It’s going to be AWESOME!…You know I’m being sarcastic right?) and apparently the nurses who drain blood only work certain hours so there are no appointments that I could attend before work, after work or during my lunch-break for them to stick needles in my arms.

As it stands the blood test has to wait…

Does anyone else find it difficult juggling work responsibilities with health issues?

R x

PS – It’s my birthday this weekend (I’ll change my about me page when I get back and I’ve stopped blubbing about no longer being in my twenties) so I’m taking a mini-break to my favourite part of the UK! If you want to have a nosy at my travels and see some of the beautiful landscape that Britain has to offer then bob by my Instagram page (famous last words? Who is betting it rains ALL weekend! As Placebo sang – “English Summer rain, seems to last for ages“).