Alternative title : We all have that one Yoga pose that we look at and think “ah shit the bed, that ain’t gonna happen with my inflexible ass”, that one Yoga pose that will warrant a gold medal and a bus parade through your home town, oh aye THAT Yoga pose … Sigh, who am I kidding, I look at most Yoga poses like that! But this is the tale of Utthan Pristhasana (aka, Lizard Pose)

Ever since I saw one of my fellow Yoga students absolutely nail Utthan Pristhasana I have been determined to master it … Basically it looks like a lunge but your forearms are on the ground (check out the pic in the link above to really get a feel for it) – but while it may look relatively simple, oh my word, it’s definitely one to be careful of hip wise! Geez!

I’ve been settling into a new job recently (can I get a woop woop?!) and have missed a couple of weeks of Yoga classes due to the whole induction and training process so walking into the class last Monday I felt totally unprepared … As though missing a few classes would suddenly render my body incapable of anything but lying face down on the mat after falling out of Vriksasana aka Tree Pose (yes I’ve done this before … Yes it is recent enough that there will likely be a blog post about it … Yes I nearly pissed myself laughing at my clumsy ass). It didn’t help that my lower back was sore (new chair … Probably needs adjusting), my legs were aching (no idea why), I’d survived the work day on approximately 3 hours sleep (according to Stanley – my Fitbit) without losing my shit once (surprising for all concerned) and was pretty much running on empty.

I was practically cursing myself for showing up rather than heading home …

I’d been cursing myself all day for having convinced my brain that we needed this class more than we needed anything else … Even if the image in my head of what I actually wanted to do that evening was more towards the ‘lying on the sofa eating cereal from the box while re-watching Hannibal‘ ilk (loving the whole Will Graham – Hannibal Lector chemistry! Oh don’t look at me like that, I know you all watched it for the bromance too!).

Anyway, back to the story (otherwise I’ll talk about that series forever!) …

I found a spot at the back of the class, unrolled my mat, felt the cool familiar fabric beneath my feet as I stepped onto it, closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths to ground myself before the session began (my Anxiety has been flaring recently so just trying to centre myself is proving problematic at the best of times … Can we say 3am panic over absolutely naff all?!).

Moments later the class began …

K (my instructor) has THE most soothing voice so as soon as she spoke my noggin focused on her words, each instruction given with a calmness, each anecdote providing light humour, each pose came with a small explanation of how it linked to activation in certain areas of the brain (she’d been to a very insightful Neuroscience seminar at the weekend! Have to say I was so jealous!).

A simple forward fold became an Adho Mukha Svanasana (aka Downward-Facing Dog) followed by alternating Marjaryasana (aka Cat Pose) and Bitilasana (aka Cow Pose) and before I knew it we were into the lunges and testing our balance with Anjaneyasana (aka Crescent Lunge) … Our arms then lowered as we prepared to go into Utthan Pristhasana, my brain now happily swimming in a Yoga high (or the exhaustion had just hit such a level that I was due to start hallucinating).

A couple of breaths in and I realised I wasn’t wobbling. I felt completely stable, supported … Usually I feel like a drunk giraffe at this point! Could it be? …

I looked at my forearms and yes, there they were, touching the mat! Utthan Pristhasana thy ass is mine! Ecstatic (and in a bit of shock I might add) I glanced across at the lass on the mat next to mine to find her mouthing “just how the f- did you do that?!”

Quite honestly love, I have no idea!

And at that moment I also realised I had no idea how to get back out of it either!

So I stayed there for as long as I possibly could before attempting to de-knot my limbs … Much to my own amusement … And that of the class too!

Yes folks! I have another Yoga milestone to add to my collection! I should point out that it was far more difficult getting back out of the asana than it was getting into it! What’s all that about?!


Utthan Pristhasana | LHB Blog

“I don’t feel particularly messed up. I’ve always been quite sane about being insane” – Carrie Fisher 🌱💕☮️ … I keep reminding myself that it is important to celebrate the little things; the Lizard Pose, the smell of petrichor, a cupcake with glittery pieces … Even if I’m avoiding some of the bigger things  (Pic is from my Insta)


Is this a fluke? Will my body be all “fooled ya bitch” the next time I attempt Utthan Pristhasana? Or even worse, will I get stuck in that pose and need rescuing by paramedics and a can of WD40? Do I dare start posting Yoga progress pics to LHB HQ or is that bordering on oversharing to the highest degree?!

I think I need a little lie down after all this excitement! Savasana anyone?

R x

**EDIT : I’m finding Twitter to be quite a negative place at the moment and it’s having a serious impact on my mental well-being … So if you do follow me on there I’m sorry, I’ll probably be rather quiet and will likely only have scheduled tweets going live for a little while BUT I am loving Instagram, it’s giving me some real Wanderlust (especially after our Amsterdam adventure) so if you want to see what I’m up to away from LHB HQ Insta is the place to find me! 


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