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Very Easy Overnight Oats

Alternative title: Today I’m going to talk about Overnight Oats and…What? Yes it’s cold oats…What do you mean that sounds gross and snotty? Where are you going?! Just hear me out and…Fine! Slam the door on the way out!


Ok folks so I have a bit of a confession to make…I fully expect you all to tell it as it is, call me a silly sod and tell me that I should know better. Because I do know better. Really I do. You ready to hear this? Really? … Sigh…Ok here goes – Recently I’ve committed the terrible sin of neglecting breakfast. It’s been going on for about a week.

*Hides as you all gasp in shock and horror*

I know I know, the extra 15 minutes or so in bed just isn’t worth forgoing the most important meal of the day. My body has told me this, repeatedly…By growling like a petulant git from the hours of 9am to 1pm (lunch-time at work) and making me look an utter tool in meetings by answering “arrgggguuuuulllllgggg” to all the questions.

I could write a whole blog post on why breakfast and I have such a tempestuous relationship…But I won’t, not today. I’ve mentioned before about why food and I were not really on good terms for a lot of years and why we are still on shaky ground from time to time now (if you fancy a read – the post is here…). It seems that out of all the meals, breakfast is the one I have the hardest time with. Sometimes it’s because I’m genuinely not hungry, sometimes it’s because I just haven’t made time…Other times, it’s because a bad habit is very hard to break.

In order to combat these ‘reasons’ (excuses), I needed a quick, easy, nutritious breakfast that is already waiting for me in a morning and easy to throw in my bag for snaffling at my desk should I sleep through my alarm. I’ve seen overnight oats mentioned many a time on the tinterwebs and after trying it out for myself (multiple times…So many oats!), I found a recipe that works for me!



Serves 1.

1/2 cup of oat flakes.

1 cup of liquid (I picked Oatly Organic Oat Milk…Because I love the taste of it…Normal milk works just as well though).

1 tsp Chia Seeds.


This is such an easy recipe…


Overnight Oats1

Oats – Check!


Put the oats into a resealable tub…


Overnight Oats2

Milk – Check!

Add the milk…


Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds – Check!


Add the Chia seeds and give it a stir…


Overnight Oats3

Weird concoction – Check!


Bob this mix (with the lid on) in the fridge overnight…

I gave the tub a shake before I went to bed to mix it up a bit.



Ta-da! Overnight Oats! As if by magic.


In the morning give it a stir then add your favourite fruit…I picked sliced banana with a drizzle of honey. And enjoy! I actually really like this mix, it was filling and tasted gorgeous (the honey provided a lovely bit of sweetness).

Have any of you tried overnight oats before?

R x

PS – “Hannibal” returns tonight! So, freaking, excited!…Though apparently those of us in the UK have to wait a little longer 🙁


Rubbish, rubbish and yet more rubbish


Hello Migraine, hello bathroom floor!


  1. JEN

    Awh mind reader, I bought oats the other day! I’m trying this out, does the liquid have to be dairy though? I was thinking of experimenting with coconut water but I’m not sure if it’ll be yucky or not!

    • Ruebi

      It doesn’t have to be dairy at all 🙂 Oatly is dairy free (it’s basically oats and water) and works pretty well, so I guess that coconut water would work too. I’m not sure how it would change the consistency though, I’d probably go with 1/2 cup of oats to 3/4 cup coconut water…I may have to try it out over the weekend.

  2. Not a lover of oats myself but this sounds fab for my daughter with allergies. We sometimes struggle for breakfast ideas but I think she’d love this with banana, and we can try the honey in two weeks!
    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop

    • Ruebi

      Awww allergies are horrible …I hope this works for her!

      (And yay to trying honey soon!).

  3. I’ve been meaning to try this for ages! I looove oats but always do the quick type ones. I do love oats with soy milk too – so yummy and nutty! xx

    • Ruebi

      There has been a bit of debate over whether soy affects the body’s ability of absorb Thyroid medication which has put me off trying the oats with soy milk for breakfast…Would love to try it out though as I do like the taste of soy milk (maybe as a supper option? – How awesome would that be!) x

  4. I am a huge fan of porridge, I eat it most morning I have the time. I’ve wanted to try this for a while now but I keep putting myself off, mainly because it’s cold! It looks really tasty though and like you say, you can take it with you if you don’t have time to eat in the morning. I think I might give it a go this weekend. I also like the idea of oat milk, never tried that before.

    • Ruebi

      Hi Shelley,

      I tend to take mine out of the fridge while I make a cup of tea to take the chill off…Or it travels to work with me when I’ve managed to sleep through my alarm (all three of them!).

      I absolutely love oat milk – Found it next to the Almond milk in the store one day and curiosity got the better of me 🙂

  5. I’ve been hearing good things about overnight oats, but have never given them a go! Thanks for the great recipe, I’m inspired to give them a whirl this week!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    p.s – Thanks for linking up to the Lifestyle Linkup this week!

    • Ruebi

      Hi Lyndsay,

      Thank you for having me across at the Lifestyle Link up! So many great blogs to nosy through 🙂

      And the oats definitely make breakfast easier, can just grab them in the morning if I’m running late (which isn’t unusual for me)…Or enjoy them with a cuppa if I actually have time. You’ll have to let me know what you think of them.

      R x

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