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Alternative title: By the time you read this, I’ll be on holiday! No I’m not shitting you…Yes I’m trusting WordPress to publish these posts when scheduled…Yes I’m having kittens about that level of trust. I’m not ready for that type of commitment damnit! 


“Cocodamol”  – For the temperamental noggin.

“Levothyroxine”  – For the dodgy Thyroid.

Imodium and Gin-Gins (ginger sweets, not a litre bottle of Bombay Sapphire…Wouldn’t fit in my bloody handbag *Ahem*)” – For the squitty-botty inducing Anxiety.

Compeed” – For the inevitable blisters from walking so much.

“Travel insurance…I’m sure I erm…Shit”

Despite being a walking pharmacy, I always forget the travel insurance!

I grew up in a small town (a small textiles town in fact), a town you could navigate in under 30 minutes (depending on whether you were dawdling), a town you couldn’t even fart in without Doris seven streets over being able to decipher what you’d eaten for your dinner. It is a very small town indeed.

Being from a working class family we scrimped and saved throughout the year just to stay in a cramped chalet at Butlins in Skegness (as a child who got car sick very easily I can safely say I hated that journey!)…As I got slightly older Skeggy was replaced with Spain (and very sunburnt skin!). While this didn’t instill a love of beach holidays in me, it did ignite a feeling of Wanderlust…

I wanted to travel the world. Experience different cultures, taste new foods, see new sights…I wanted a passport filled with stamps (actually, I still want a passport full of stamps – One day folks, one day).

Hopefully my trip goes without any hitches this time…Such as having a burly security officer stick her hands in my pants because I set the metal detector off (she didn’t even smile when I said she should at least buy me dinner before doing things like that), or getting a few frowns over what could possibly be vibrating in my case (it’s my cleansing brush – I swear!), or turning round to retrieve my case only to find trousers strewn across it and a guy standing in the way in nothing but a pair of very tight boxers (every girls dream right? Until I tell you that the guy was way into his late 70’s and arguing with security about the fact his ass couldn’t have just set the detector off)…

That image is burned into my brain for all eternity… *cringes*


Oooo – What to pack? What to pack? What to pack?!

So folks – do you have any holidays planned this year?

(If you want to keep track of my wanderings and find out whereabouts I’m visiting I should hopefully be updating my Instagram – tinternet permitting of course – using the #LHB_Travels hashtag! You so know you want to drop by for a nosy!).

R x

PS – Have to be honest though, I am a little gutted to be missing “Hannibal” this week…How amazing was it to have Will Graham back?! Oh. My. Word! I actually can’t put into words just how much I love this series. I am a total utter freaking fangirl! Bryan Fuller = genius!



Almond Nut Butter Cups


Blueberry Smoothie Bowl


  1. have a fab trip – and the travel insurance, that sounds just like MOH! He bought his the day before we travelled…

    • Ruebi

      Thank you! And I’m absolutely terrible when it comes to travel insurance…It’s always on my “to do” list weeks in advance and yet, I still forget it.

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