Alternative title: There is something quite surreal about sitting in a room with 8 other people, each with thumbs in our ears and fingers over our eyes … As one by one, we start to gently make a sound, the noise vibrating in our throats becoming humming noises. Of differing pitches and volumes and lengths. Escaping into the space around us. 8 little humming bees. 

I have to admit that when the idea of Bhramari Pranayama (‘bee breath’) was first introduced to me I found the concept daunting. I didn’t think I’d be able to just shut my eyes, close my ears and make a noise without feeling vulnerable, that I would have to keep checking that I was doing it right by having a good nosy around the room … But you know what, I didn’t have to. I didn’t feel the need to.

Even though the technique was being taught to a group, we implimented it as individuals. The instructions are shared, the practice is unique, as each of us tailors the sound to what we need it to be.

It’s a beautiful experience that can teach us so much!

This technique is apparently great for soothing the nervous system, dealing with Mental Tension (i.e. Anxiety, Depression, Stress), giving the endocrine system a boost, assisting a Migrainey brain … The list went on and on! Really I should take notebooks to my yoga classes as I’ve picked up on the benefits that best suit me (honestly, how selfish of me!), but it would be great to be able to remember the rest.

What I found most helpful about this pranayama was that it blocked out all noise except for my own humming. I couldn’t hear the hums belonging to the others, I couldn’t hear the rain falling outside … And I couldn’t hear my own thoughts. It created a harmony, a peace, that is so difficult for me to find. A moment in which there are no racing thoughts, a moment in which the body experiences calm. A rare moment in which I can just be.

We all need that freedom from time to time.



I have acquired a taste for yoga outdoors …  Sometimes you just need to reconnect with nature for a while! (It’s possible to keep track of my adventures away from the blog across at my Insta!).


So lovelies, how do you feel about meditating in groups? Do you find it useful or distracting?

R x