Alternative title: #LHB_Juice_January Day 3 … Beetroot, Carrot and Tomato Juice

Ok folks, it’s day 3 of #LHB_Juice_January and we’re kicking the day off with a “You say Tomato” Juice … Figured it would be a great way to distract myself from the ‘back to work’ blues that are plaguing me about tomorrow. Seriously, is there anyone happy about going back to work?

With that said, I should hopefully be getting to an Aerial Hoops taster session this week!

Silver linings and all that!

Why tomato you ask? Well…

Tomatoes are an great source of various Vitamins (especially AB6C and K to name a few), Minerals (Manganese, Potassium, Phosphorus and Magnesium) and let’s not forget about the Phyochemical Lycopene. Lycopene is a strong anti-oxidant and as such has a protective effect when it comes to oxidative stress.

Fun fact about Tomatoes is that they are part of the Solanaceae Family … More commonly known as the Nightshades.

Ingredients (Makes 1): 

1 Beetroot and leaves … No I’m not kidding about the leaves, chuck ’em in (give the beet a scrub before you peel obviously)

4 Carrots

4 Tomatoes (cored)




Just peel the beetroot and carrot, slice everything up then bob in the juicer (for this one I’m using an Optimum 400)!



You say Tomato



If you want to join in with my Juice January challenge (I would love it if you did!), simply post an image of your juice to Twitter / Instagram with the #LHB_Juice_January hashtag!

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